Switchboard Upgrade Cost

Switchboards come in all different shapes, sizes and voltage capabilities, to meet the different electrical needs of each household or building. Will a switchboard upgrade cost too much for your budget? Or is it a surprisingly affordable upgrade to make to your home electrics? Read our advice from a licensed switchboard electrician to find out more. 

What can affect my switchboard upgrade cost?

Depending on when your switchboard was built, can have a direct impact on how much it will cost to upgrade it. Today’sswitchboards are built with safety switches and surge protectors to prevent damage to your electrical fittings and appliances, during a blackout or electrical surge.  

Many older switchboards don’t have safety switches, in which case you may just need to have one installed onto your existing switchboard. This is the cheaper option to upgrading your switchboard. To purchase a safety switch you’re looking at between $20-$70 retail price. 
However today’s switchboards are also made of materials that are more fire resistant than the ceramic switchboards of the past. And worst still, some older switchboards were built with Asbestos. In these cases you’re better off replacing the entire switchboard. 
To purchase a switchboard you’re looking at between $500-$1000 retail price, depending on the size and electrical capacity needed.  

How do I know if I need a switchboard upgrade?

If you’re experiencing, flickering lights, power surges, frequent outages, or have noticed burn markings on your electrical outlets or switchboard it’s likely that a fault has occurred in your switchboard, and / or your homes electrical wiring. In which case you shouldcall your expert electrician immediately to conduct an electrical safety inspection. And ask about upgrading your switchboard to avoid household and electrical damage, and to prevent safety hazards.  

Another reason for power surges and flickering electricity, is that your home may have outgrown the electrical capacity of your old switchboard. In this case, you may need to upgrade your switchboard to one that can divert a larger current. Or have another electrical circuit added or upgraded onto your existing switchboard. You shouldn’t have to unplug the toaster to use your kettle!  

Choose a professional when it comes to upgrading your switchboard

When it comes to installing a switchboard, you should always choose a licensed, compliant electrician. At Electrician To The Rescue we always conduct a thorough investigation beforehand, to give you the best price and switchboard options for your home! This way you can be rest assured your home will be runningsmoothly and safely once more!