Service Area

We service all of metropolitan Sydney

Do you have unavoidable repairs?

Been struck down by an emergency?

Do you simply have a bunch of home improvements which have got you looking for the most reliable, licensed electrician Sydney has to offer? Well fear not, Electrician To The Rescue is here to save you from all your electrical troubles!

Our Super Electricians are experienced and trained to the highest standard. Not to mention they’re always professional and trustworthy! Combine those qualities with our 24/7 service, upfront costings / by the job quotes and fully stocked vans, you can bet we provide the best electrical service Sydney has to offer.

We are always close by, always ready to rescue you in the following areas:

Fully Trained & Licensed In Electrical Safety

When it comes to electrical work, changing a light bulb is the only job you should consider doing without a qualified sparky! And that’s not just our opinion - that’s the law.

When playing around with electricity you not only risk injury, but worse death!

You also risk being charged up to $22,000 for any illegal DIY electrical work you do as an individual.

You don’t want that and trust us neither do we, so let our expertly trained technicians rescue you from the dangers of electricity!

All our work is fully licensed with a lifetime workmanship guarantee!

We're Fully Insured For Peace Of Mind

Electrician To The Rescue is a licensed Sydney contractor and obtains all Municipal and State Permits as required. We are also insured for Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.

Compliance with codes and adequate insurance is vital for liability reasons. If a worker is injured and the contractor is not insured, you, the customer, can be held liable.

Or, if there is an insurance claim due to a fire or an accident that’s related to unlicensed work or work for which no permit was obtained, your insurance company might dispute the claim.

You don’t want any issues related to workmanship hovering over your head, especially if you decide to sell your house. A cheap electrical repair now could cost you more down the line!

Luckily with Electrician To The Rescue on your side, you’ll never need to worry about dodgy uninsured work!

Fixed Pricing

From the moment you book your job, to the moment you pay, we work hard to make sure that your experience is stress free and relaxed.

Our on the spot written quotes and up front, fixed price guarantee means you can ensure that you won’t have to pay a cent more than we initially quoted, even if we spend longer with you to fix your problem once and for all!

Fault Finding Experts

Flickering lights or power that keeps tripping is the worst! And really there is no such thing as a convenient power surge or outage!

Which is why you need the on-call Sydney power specialists – us!

Our friendly and reliable electricians, armed with a van filled with the latest in electrical fault-finding equipment, are the specialists needed to get your power back on, as fast as possible.

Technicians You Can Trust To Be On Time

We're on time every time!

So, you don’t have to wait around. Thanks to our GPS tracking system located in all our trucks and vans, our electricians will always arrive on time. And that’s the time best suited to you!

We will always ring half an hour before we arrive, so you know we’re on the way!

It’s part of our commitment to keeping you informed and up to date on all things related to your electrical service.

Respect Is Key!

At Electrician To The Rescue we understand how important your home is. Which is why you can trust us to be the most polite, helpful and courteous tradesmen you’ve ever met.

Whether you have fresh carpet, sparkly floorboards or just like to keep the place clean and tidy, we are more than happy to remove our work boots and lay down some protective sheeting. In most situations you don’t even need to ask!

We’ll respect your house and its contents as if it were our own, and that includes cleaning up every bit of mess we make while fixing your home electrics. We’re just as a good with a vacuum and cloth as we are with a switchboard.

It’s what makes us Sydney’s most recommended!