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How To Change Downlights

Looking to update your homes lighting? Downlights are a great way to achieve a clean modern look, while providing the perfect amount of light...

How To Prevent Electrical Hazards

We might sound like a broken record here, but when it comes to electricity you can never be too careful!...

Rejuvinate your bathroom by switching up your lighting

Do you feel as if your bathroom needs a makeover? Is it looking a bit old and outdated? A quick...

Brighten up your backyard with outdoor lighting

One simple way to enhance the style and security of your home is to install outdoor lighting fixtures. Whether it’s...

How to spot faults in your wiring

Anyone who lives in an older property knows that they need to be extra careful with the wiring in their...

Importance of smoke alarms

Why is smoke alarm installation so important? Not many people are aware that a large percentage of house fires are...