Brands we work with


The best electricians only use the best electrical brands

Here at Electrician To The Rescue, we believe in quality! Quality electrical service and quality electrical products.

Which is why we use only the highest-grade certified components and products in our electrical services, when repairing and installing electrical products in your home.

You can trust us for advice on electrical repairs and installations on all kinds of electrical products from ceiling fans to exhaust fans, switchboard components to light switches, and many more.

Here’s a list of just some of the amazing electrical brands we work with and use to provide our expert electrical service.

Clipsal Logo


Back in 1920, when competition in the electrical market was still growing, Clipsal made a name for itself and began leading the way in the electrical industry. To this day, Clipsal is one of the best and biggest names in the electrical business, beating out a number of competitors over the years.

Clipsal built its name on the adjustable, clip-on metal conduit fittings that had the ability to clip to all. Developed by Alfred Gerard, these products provided Australian electrical contractors with an innovative solution to the long-standing problem of size variations in metal conduits.

Their innovative ideas make their products applicable to all kinds of home electric systems, and is why at Electrician To The Rescue you can always find a Clipsal product in our vans, as part of our mission to arrive on site with a fully stocked electrical van.

At Electrician To The Rescue we have a high professional reputation and come strongly recommended, so you can trust us when we say we’re experts in servicing, installing and providing Clipsal products.

HPM Logo


HPM is one of Australia’s most recognisable electrical companies, it’s practically an icon amongst the electrical community and for good reason. HPM is committed to bringing Australia modern and innovative electrical products that are not only safe and reliable, but will last years to come at the best price.

Starting out as a dynamic wife and husband duo back in the 1930s, HPM has now grown into a national brand recognised as the largest supplier across Australia and New Zealand. An industry pioneer, HPM has been an integral electrical cog in the development of the Australian and New Zealand electrical industries, and the safe accessibility of electricity to millions of homes across both nations.

HPM is trusted by electricians across Australia because they provide energy efficient, contemporary products with long lifespans; and that’s why at Electrician To The Rescue we are happy to supply and install any of their products.

Trusted by electricians, the HPM brand denotes quality, safety and reliability.

Philips Logo


Founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips and his father, this once simple European light bulb company has grown into one of the world’s biggest electrical conglomerates. So, you can believe when it comes to electrical products and innovations, Philips is one of the big power houses in the electrical industry. Not only are they experts in home electrics, particularly light bulbs, they are also the leading experts in several other technology sectors across the globe.

Philips is a multinational entity responsible for a huge share of the market, with an office in North Ryde, Sydney. Philips focus is on environmentally responsible solutions to everyday electrical necessities.

Whether it’s energy efficient lighting or residential entertainment systems, Philips is on the cutting technological edge, and that’s why we work with their products when installing and repairing all things electrical.

Osram Logo


Based out of Munich, Osram has grown into a global high-tech company with over 110 years of history, knowledge and experience behind them. When it comes to lighting, Osram are the specialists. Leading the way in electrical lighting internationally, they produce a range of high-quality lighting options from boutique lighting products, to interconnected lighting systems and more.

Their focus on the development of life-changing and life-enhancing technology is a huge attribute to the lighting and electrical industries.

Osram work with all kinds of cutting-edge electrical developments. But when it comes to lighting none other compare. An example of this is their Puritec UV System – which uses lighting systems to kill off waterborne diseases in developing communities. Osram’s current mission it to perfect their lighting products and help build a safer, more connected, and better off world.

We choose to work with Osram’s lighting and electrical products, in order to provide you and your home with the highest quality lighting solutions.