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Online data

Any information featured on our website is subject to the following terms. We reserve the right to update these terms at any time:

  • The email addresses, contact forms and phone number featured on this website are not to be used for spamming, cold calling or any other form of involuntary marketing activities.
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  • The information and advice given on this website is given in good faith with no legal responsibility. It is not to be taken as specific, personal advice and should therefore not be acted upon without contacting us. For advice which is specific to your circumstances, please call us on 1800 893 218.
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Offers And Services

Our offers and services are provided in good faith and subject to the following terms. We reserve the right to update these terms at any time. None of our offers are redeemable for cash and no offer can be used in conjunction with any other offer. Each offer has its own specific terms and conditions as detailed below:

  • Free Safety Inspection – this offer entitles the bearer to receive a free inspection of their lighting, ceiling fans, powerpoints, switchboard and testing of smoke alarms. The inspection is a visual, non intrusive inspection. Some electrical safety issues cannot be seen using this visual method of inspection and therefore the free safety inspection is in no way a guarantee of safe operation of the electrical system. Electrician to the Rescue accepts no responsibility for the ongoing performance of, or problems that may arise with the electrical system during or after the inspection
  • $50 Job Discount – this offer entitles the bearer to $50 off the final invoice total of approved works only. If the bearer chooses not to go ahead with suggested works, they will still incur a service fee of $77, which cannot be reduced by $50 with the use of the $50 job discount offer.
  • RCD Safety switch deal – the electrical system must be earthed, or earthing rod and water bond should be installed. If switchboard is deteriorated or unsafe, other repairs may need to be made before safety switch can be installed, the cost of which is not part of the Safety Switch Special. A maximum of three circuits can be fitted to one safety switch. A minimum of two switches must be installed.There must be sufficient space in the existing switchboard enclosure for the safety switch to fit in and comply with Australian standards. Fitting of RCD may not be possible on old fuse boxes which require upgrading to make it possible for safety switches to be installed. Existing wiring problems in your home, may prevent RCD fitting until rectification has been carried out to Australian compliance standards.