How can I tell if my powerpoints are unsafe?

Not many people realize this, but electrical fires are quite common and extremely devastating too. They cause a significant amount of damage to property and life. There are many causes of electrical fires and short circuits or power surges in the wiring are some of them. If there is a damaged power point in your home, it’s important that it be upgraded without delay as these can be a major fire hazard. In most instances, it’s possible to prevent electrical issues from becoming a problem if they are attended to on time.

What is even more important is that electrical maintenance should be carried out on all the electrical fixtures and installations. We at Electrician to the Rescue feel that, preventive electrical maintenance is something every property owner should opt for. As part of these services, we will use the latest electrical equipment and check every electrical feature on your property and will attend to any issues we feel have the potential to turn into a hazard.

Things to keep in view

Lack of maintenance and the incorrect use of powerpoints can lead to electrical accidents which can cause damage to property and life. It’s important that you hire an experienced local Residential electrician for the job. These are the preventive measures you should be taking to prevent powerpoint issues from cropping up:

  • Don’t overload any of the powerpoints or even connect any double adaptors together
  • If you notice any discolorations or damage around the powerpoints, and connecting wiring, they have to be attended to without delay and only timely inspection works in this case
  • It’s important that there be proper ventilation around the power boards
  • Ensure there are no loose fittings as regular use can lead to damage
  • In most cases, its rigorous and constant use that causes damage to the powerpoints and it’s crucial that you take care while removing and inserting plugs. Even when you are using any appliance, it’s important that all the plugs be fitted very well into the powerpoints. This will help avoid a loose connection and sparking
  • If you want your appliances to run smoothly, you should avoid using any adapters or extension cords
  • The powerpoints must be positioned at a safe height. This helps protect your kids from untoward electricity related incidents
  • Ensure that the electrician is installing good quality power points and power boards and that they are also installing an overload protection device

Range of services

It’s important to have the contact details of a reliable and experienced electrician that provides 24/7 services. In addition to powerpoint upgrades, also handle all other electrical jobs including:

  • LED down light installations
  • Electric Hot Water Systems
  • Kitchen appliance repairs
  • Electrical Re-wiring
  • Switch Board Upgrades
  • C Bus Light as well as wiring systems