How to spot faults in your wiring

Anyone who lives in an older property knows that they need to be extra careful with the wiring in their home.  The unfortunate part is that most wiring installations aren’t really visible to the eye, because they are concealed behind walls and ceilings. It means that even if something does go wrong in it, you wouldn’t really be able to quickly notice it. We at Electrician to the Rescue have put together a small list. Here are a few signs you should look out for, that indicate something is wrong with the wiring in your home. If you do find that your wiring isn’t up to NSW wiring standards, call a licensed electrician. We don’t recommend you try to fix wiring problems yourself.

  • Tripping breakers or fuses– The circuit breakers that are installed on your property help prevent electrocution and fire; they do this by cutting-off/tripping the power supply in case there is any change in the standard flow of electricity in your home. In older electrical systems, fuses do this job; however, every time they blow out, you would have to replace them with a new one. If you find that the fuses are blowing very often, or if the circuit breakers are tripping too often, it’s important that you call in a local residential electrician to get the system checked thoroughly.
  • Dimming/flickering lights- If you switch on a  heavy-duty appliance in your home, that  can sometimes  cause the lights to  get momentarily  This isn’t something out of the ordinary; however, if the wiring in your home is appropriate as per your usage pattern, this kind of issue shouldn’t surface at all.   At times if the lights do dim or flicker, they can be an indication that something is wrong either with the circuit breaker or the wiring itself.
  • Discolouring of sockets & switches– If you find that an electrical socket is charred, it’s a very bad sign and you shouldn’t delay in getting it replaced. This problem is caused either by faulty wiring or a loose connection and isn’t something that should be left unattended, as it can lead to arcing and an electrical fire.
  • Electric shock in the switches– This is another sign of faulty wiring and you should never ignore it. If there is a short in the system, you would be able to detect a very distinct acrid smell. If you do, it’s best to remove the fuse that’s connected to that circuit; or you can turn off the circuit breaker of that’s what’s installed on the property.

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