Brighten up your backyard with outdoor lighting

One simple way to enhance the style and security of your home is to install outdoor lighting fixtures. Whether it’s in your garden, on the balcony, or down the walkway to your front door, there are many types of outdoor lighting options on the market.

  • LED downlights
  • Safety sensor lights
  • Wall sconces
  • Decorative lanterns

Are just a few of the common light fixtures that can be used externally to highlight your homes features! And don’t worry, outdoor light fittings can be just as energy efficient as indoor light fittings, all while helping to illuminate pathways so you don’t miss that nasty kerb or step hiding in the dark.

When starting an outdoor lighting project, it’s important to consider where you’ll place and position the new lights, where the cables and wiring will run, what kind of weather and external conditions they’ll be exposed to, along with the overall design and lighting effect you’re after. Luckily all our electricians are fully qualified with years of experience to offer expert advice and suggestions.

Our Specialty Services Include:

  • Planning and Conducting Cabling Routes for outdoor lighting
  • Digging and trenching for underground wiring
  • Repairs and installation of external light fixtures
  • Garden lighting projects
  • Repairing sensor detectors and lighting

Garden Lighting

Lighting up your garden area can really flaunt the outdoor environment of your home. We recommend using external LED lights, as they’re a really great way to save energy and they actually last much longer than your standard light fixture. Garden lights can really bring that extra spark to a home, especially if you’re big entertainers and like to have friends and family around! So why not show off your great backyard and entertaining area with some spotlights, garden or patio edging lights, or if you like the look of fairy and party lights have a few outdoor powerpoints installed and let your imagination go wild! Installing extra outdoor powerpoints also means more Christmas lights without the risk of overloading a circuit.

Sensor Lights

The prevalence of motion sensor technology means everyone’s jumping on board and installing sensor lights! And why not, not only do they provide that extra layer of security, they also make taking the bins out at ten o’clock at night so much easier, and lower your use of energy by only turning on when you need them! The added bonus to installing sensor lights is keeping your neighbours happy by not blasting light into their windows at all hours of the night!