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Outdoor Lighting

Why have outdoor lighting installed?

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Electrician To The Rescue is your team of professional and accredited tradesmen who can help you with all your outdoor lighting needs! We are the electricians in Sydney people trust for any advice on outdoor lighting installations. With Sydney’s good weather, there is nothing better than sitting outside in the evenings and enjoying your own time in the quiet. Outdoor lighting is not only perfect for entertaining; it can also be a good idea to install for safety purposes. If you need a reliable electrician to help you with your outdoor lighting needs, call 1800 893 218 and we’ll be there in flash!

Why use outdoor lighting? It can be installed by Electrician To The Rescue to ensure your safety – features such as lighting pathways give you practical reasons whilst around your barbeque or entertaining area just gives you an extra bit of security. Accent lighting is perfect if you want to draw attention to a specific area in your garden – a tree, water feature or garden statue. It can be used to leave a shed or clothesline that you don’t want guests seeing – in the dark.

You have to work out what sort of lighting you need award winning electricians in Sydney to install – what do you want to achieve?

  • Bright lights that extend your living area
  • Lighting to highlight certain areas of your garden
  • Lights along pathways so you can see where you are walking
  • Lights that come on for security purposes

There is a range of outdoor lights available including

  • Spotlights
  • Path lights
  • Up lights
  • Wall lights
  • Down lights
  • Surface lights

In general outdoor lighting is either powered by electricity or solar power. Solar power is good for the environment and energy efficient, lights are charged by the sun during the day and come on when the sun goes down. On the downside they are not as bright as the electrical lights Electrician To The Rescue can install for you, they are more flexible, you can control how long they stay on and you can have a timer installed that will turn them on and off at a set time.

Electrician To The Rescue are the electricians in Sydney with great testimonials a fixed price guarantee, 24 hour service 365 days a year and by paying by the job and not by the hour they save you money. Call us day or night, we’re always ready to rescue you! Call 1800 893 218 today or click here to book your job online!

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Areas

There are a couple of things to consider before you go ahead with an outdoor lighting project. That’s why a properly licensed electrician is needed, because they have the knowledge and experience to help with positioning of the lights, cabling to the transformer and the actual wiring process to install the fittings that will brighten up your outdoor area.

Your Electrician To The Rescue can help you come up with cost effective solutions to make sure the work is done the right way, focusing on power efficiency, safety and ensuring the lighting gives your home the look you wanted. Your electrician will have plenty of experience helping homeowners like you with garage and front door sensor lights, illuminating veranda areas, and lighting to accentuate the front yard of homes across Sydney.

Electrician To The Rescue is your fully licensed and accredited tradesman, servicing the Sydney area for over thirty years! We have completed jobs in residential and commercial properties, and our experience allows us to give you repair and service solutions based on the most economical methods, helping you save time and money.

Our team is also equipped with GPS technician tracking, so we are always aware how far we are from the next job we are attending. Thanks to our proven ability in precise and efficient coordination, our appointments guarantee on time services, where we call you prior to attending so you know exactly when to expect us with no mucking around with time. Get on time, same-day service and repairs whenever you call!

Not only that but we are proud to offer a 100% workmanship guarantee on all our services, so you can rest easy knowing that we only need one chance to fix a problem, doing it the right way the first time! This is clearly stated on the written invoice you’ll receive when we’ve completed the work, giving you full labour warranty cover for your convenience and peace of mind.

Our Specialty Services:

  • Planning and conducting cabling routes for outdoor lighting
  • Digging and trenching for underground wiring
  • Repair and installation of external light fixtures
  • Garden lighting projects
  • Repairing sensor detectors and lighting

Garden Lighting

Lighting up your garden area can really help you flaunt the outdoor environment around your home. The addition of garden lights, whether used in the front, or back garden, can really bring your outdoor spaces to the next level, allowing you to show off your entertaining area to friends and family. The added bonus of outdoor lighting is that it can add to the safety of your outdoor areas by reducing the risk of accidents that are often caused by a lack of light.

When you’re deciding on which type of lights to use, it’s worth considering that using external LED lights is a really good way to save money in the long run. Not only are they extremely energy efficient, but they actually last much longer than standard light fixtures that rely on incandescent or halogen globes.

Sensor Lights

The advent of motion sensor technology in outdoor lighting has made it so much easier for you to increase the security and safety of your outdoor areas whilst also saving on energy costs! Sensor lights provide you with a major benefit, ensuring you conserve your power since the light only comes on when you are nearby and need it. This means you don’t pay over the top for electricity running throughout the night.

Outdoor Lighting Tips and Energy Saving Ideas

Firstly and most importantly, please be aware to never use indoor lighting in an external environment! Doing this is one of the common causes of power shorting out and fuses tripping in Sydney homes.

Another good tip to keep your garden lighting working properly and safely is to do a quick safety check when cleaning outdoor fixtures: be sure to check cords and outlets to make sure everything is completely sealed, intact and working safely.

LEDs are becoming increasingly common in outdoor lighting fixtures due to their durability. You might find that a lot of homes already have LED lights installed on their porch or balconies! Because external lights are usually switched on for long periods, using LED will help you save money as they are far more energy efficient than any kind of fluorescent, incandescent or halogen lights.

At Electrician To The Rescue we are passionate about ensuring that our customers are satisfied, and we give you the high quality, personalised service that you deserve. We’ve been the most trusted lighting electrician Sydney has relied on for over 30 years, so ‘watt’ are you waiting for? Call us on 1800 893 218 or contact us online by using the form

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