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Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting Electrician in Sydney

Indoor lighting is an important aspect of your home: well planned and professionally fitted lighting can transform any room in your home by accentuating certain parts of the room, adding ambiance, and complementing your interior design.

Indoor lighting fixtures offer an almost endless variety of options, all designed for different purposes. This can make selecting and fitting the right lights for your home a daunting process, but fear not! Over the last 30 years serving Sydney, we’ve helped countless families plan, select and install their dream lighting.

You might want to add LED downlights to give your room a more contemporary look. Or perhaps you’re looking to install new lighting in your living room to create a brighter, more spacious look for entertaining families and friends. You may even be considering dimmer lights to give you instant transitions from a lively atmosphere to more relaxed one. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help by giving you professional advice, talking you through various options and giving you the most economical solution.

Only a licensed electrician can help you implement these ideas in your home. Doing it yourself, or using a ‘handyman’, or other unlicensed person, leaves you open to risks such as insurance not paying you in the event of a fire caused by unlicensed electrical work. Our electricians are fully qualified and experienced to help you with any lighting needs you may have. Call the electrician Sydney relies on the get the work done right, on 1800 893 218 or contact us online by using the form.

Other Ways New Lighting Can Change Your Home

Replacing your lights doesn’t just benefit the aesthetic aspects of your home: in fact it may be a very practical move for a variety of reasons.

Updating your lighting can benefit you through long term cost savings. For example: LED lights, which have been available on the market for a few years now, offer better durability and energy efficiency than any other lighting option.

Not only this, but getting a licensed electrician to replace your lighting can improve the safety of your home. We’ve been to many homes where a simple light installation has exposed a hazardous underlying problem with the home’s wiring or switchboard: these problems, if left untreated can cause severe danger, and in worst cases result in property damage and even death. These are problems that only a licensed electrician can fix.

Electrician To The Rescue can help you with all your indoor lighting needs with our friendly and professional services. Our electricians have all the necessary experience to give you advice on electrical safety and power saving measures, not to mention being able to carry out any electrical repair, installation or maintenance job, no matter how big or small. You can rest easy knowing that as accredited tradesmen, we’ll get the job done properly.

Our services are fully protected by warranty, thanks to our 100% workmanship guarantee. All our services are compliant with NSW laws and regulations, so when we you call on us for a job, you can guarantee we do it the right way first time! Even after we leave, we always have you covered, providing you with full warranty cover ensuring your convenience and protection.

We also offer same day repair, maintenance and installation services for your convenience. Our team of electricians work in their local area. We’ve also got GPS technician tracking, which allows us to better schedule our time and get to your home exactly when we say we will. So get your problem solved today, with our same day availability and on time service!

At Electrician To The Rescue we want to keep your family and your home safe. That’s why we are happy to help you with a safety inspection of all the electrics at your property. This non-intrusive inspection checks some key elements of your home electrical system, such as safety switches, switchboard, smoke alarms, powerpoints and wiring to find any problematic areas. Not only that, but we will give you a full report and do any quick minor fix ups there and then for free! So make sure you request your free safety inspection when booking!

Indoor Lighting Services:

  • Wiring and installation of light fixtures for your home
  • Check for frayed or damaged units or wires
  • Giving you options for economical/energy-efficient lighting
  • Supply and install of LED, CFL and halogen lights

Switch It Up With Electrician To The Rescue! Lighting Tips

If you’re thinking of selling your property, here’s a handy tip: upgrade your internal light fixtures to transform your home and make it look more spacious and appealing! A well planned and professionally installed lighting design could well make your property look more appealing to potential buyers. Don’t underestimate the changes that come with new light fixtures: they can bring a real “wow” factor to any room as well as showcasing its high performance functions and making the room look brighter and often larger, creating the illusion of larger open spaces in the home. This will keep people in your open houses for longer and might even help you get the price you want!

Also, if you’re still using halogen globes around your home, one of the simplest ways to save energy is to switch to LED or CFL lighting. LED’s and CFL globes are more energy efficient than incandescent and halogen bulbs and they are proven to last much longer.

Loose connections are other common causes to why some bulbs expire more quickly than other fixtures around the house. If you notice a globe in a certain light needs replacing more regularly than normal, keep track of it. If you know which light fitting is causing the problem, we can help you isolate the cause and fix the problem permanently, so you never worry about it ever again!

Get Electrician To The Rescue on the case and make the switch today! You can call us at any time and any day of the year for advice or help to do with indoor lighting. We can be reached on 1800 893 218, or contact us online.

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