What is a safety switch, and what does it do?

The answer is simple: if you want that extra security to protect yourself against the possibility of being electrocuted you need to have a safety switch installed. Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through the circuit they are connected to and shut down in a split second if there is a sudden surge of power. The technicians from Electrician To The Rescue are fully licensed and can install a safety switch in your home or office.

There are 3 main types of safety switches available

  1. Switchboard Mountedthese attach to your switchboard and protect any circuit they are connected to and protect any of the appliances you have plugged into that circuit
  2. Power Point Safety switchesthese plug into your powerpoints and protect any device that is plugged into it. For safety electricians in Sydney recommend that power point safety switches should be installed on the first power point after the circuit breaker and are best put in areas where there is more risk such as in the bathroom or a work shed.
  3. Portable SwitchesThese are the ones you would use outside when working with power tools, they work in the same way as a power cord – attaching to the power point at one end and to the device on the other.

Using any older appliances or tools that may be dodgy or dirty can trip a safety switch.

How do they work?

If you come into contact with a faulty circuit you may be at risk of an electrical shock – a safety switch is the ‘man in the middle’ that stands between you and your appliance and the power source. They monitor the flow of current and if a shock current is detected it will shut down in within 300 milliseconds.