What counts as part of my home electrical system?

For many years when it came to your homes electrical system – it was pretty straight forward. You simply needed Sydney electricians to install light switches and power points in the right places throughout the house. In many instances the electricians just *knew* where to place them without being told. Times have changed! There are so many new and different electrical devices to think about and this means you have to take a whole new approach to the electrical system in your house.

If you’re renovating or building Electrician To The Rescue has some advice.

If you take a walk through any older house you’ll know where the electrical supply *is* even if you have never been there before. You know there will be a light switch next to the door way of any room and if you need a power point they too have been placed in strategic places. You’ll see the lighting and chances are the TV and Fridge will have a power point close by.

However things changed when the Internet arrived – the traditional limit was pushed to its limit and many older homes don’t have enough power points to accommodate their computers, printers and other devices. Today the traditional electrical system is out dated – many homeowners don’t have the outlets for –

  • Printers
  • Modems
  • USB power points
  • Their computers

Then of course – you need somewhere to charge mobile phones, laptops, tablets and more. Add in a home theatre system, security cameras or home automation system and you have a HUGE problem. This is where Electrician To The Rescue can help. If you want to maximise the convenience of all your electronic devices then careful configuring your homes electrical system will take some planning.

You need to consider –

  • Placement of power points and light switches
  • Do you have a home office or study?
  • Are you going to install a home theater system or home automation system?
  • Do you need a home security system?
  • Consider your lighting needs.