What causes electrical wires to melt?

Regardless of whether you have a commercial or residential property, electricity is an essential part of it. However this is also something we end up taking for granted. We don’t really call in an electrician just to check on the electrical installations, when everything is alright. In fact, many people may not even have the contact details of a reliable local electrician in Sydney, on hand.

However, there are times when electrical issues do arise without warning, and when that happens you need to be assured that an experienced electrician in Sydney will come over to your location exactly when you need one. While all the electrical installations are in sight, some things like wiring etc aren’t. However, things could go wrong with these too and melted wiring can be quite dangerous.

Melted wiring- signs to look out for

What most people fail to realise is that a majority of wiring issues aren’t really sudden at all. There are always some signs of trouble that people tend to overlook. The different signs to look out for are:

  • Arcing– The electricity flowing through your property, has an electromagnetic field and you don’t even realise this exists. However, when this build-up becomes excessive, that weakens the wiring, it melts and results in arcing, which is the crackling, hissing & buzzing sound you can sometimes hear in wires.
  • Short Circuits– Short circuits are caused when any neutral wire comes in contact with any live wire. In case this happens, the fuse blows and this disconnects the electrical supply in the circuit. However, if for some reason, this doesn’t occur, the electrical current continues to flow through the wire and it will melt with the heat.
  • Power overloads– This is another common problem that can result in melted wires. Every wiring installation is designed to carry a certain load. If your property has wiring that’s over 20 years old, it won’t be able to bear the load that modern day electrical appliances demand. If you happen to operate many of these simultaneously, that can lead to an overload, which will cause the wiring to melt.

We at Electrician to the Rescue always recommend to all our customers, that they should get all the electrical installations on their property checked on a regular basis. If the electrician in Sydney notices any sign of problems, you will be informed about it, and they will fix it for you without delay. Its important to attend to electrical repairs when you notice the problem. That’s the one way to ensure it doesn’t escalate and get out of hand.

If you find any sudden arcing or if there is a short circuit, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself; its best to call in an 24/7 emergency electrician without delay. Electrician to the Rescue is one of the most reputed electrical companies in the region.