How do I know if I need a new switchboard?

Do you find that there is constant loss of power on your property whenever you use any heavy home appliances such as electric heaters, air-conditioners etc? Or does the circuit breaker trip every time you simultaneously operate multiple appliances? This isn’t an uncommon problem and many homeowners have to deal with issues such as these. Typically, this occurs when there are older switchboards on the property, and these are unable to provide a sufficient amount of electricity to the high-power, modern appliances in your home.

Switchboard replacement – the benefits

Not only is the consistent power loss annoying, but it’s dangerous too. Current day appliances are very different from the ones used a couple of decades ago, and the older wiring and switchboards are unable to keep up with this heavy power demand. There are some distinct benefits to getting a switchboard upgrade, such as:

  • The system will be able to keep up with the power demands in your home
  • Its increases the safety factor of the electrical system
  • Adds to the energy-efficiency of your home
  • Eliminates the possibility of a power outage
  • Reduces the risk of electrocution & electrical fire

If you still have older electrical installations in your home, it’s best not to delay on calling in a local electrician in Sydney to check whether a switchboard upgrade is necessary. The electrician will use specialized detection equipment to identify the age, condition and efficiency levels of the switchboard. It’s not uncommon for us to leave different home appliances connected to their respective power points. When there is peak energy use, a faulty switchboard can lead to serious injury as well as property damage.

In the past, fuse-style switchboards were used in all electrical systems and these weren’t as safe as modern day switchboards are. The latter isolate as well as control any surge in the electrical circuits in your home, within just a fraction of a second; and this is what adds the safety aspect to the electrical installation in your home.

Switchboard upgrades- When do you need them?

If the switchboard in your home is 20 years or more old, it may still have ceramic fuses instead of the circuit breakers that are used in modern installations. Today, when you get any new high power appliance for your home, its common that a separate circuit breaker be installed for it, on an entirely new circuit. Getting a switchboard upgrade done helps accommodate the added power demand. If required, you can also add safety switches to the existing switchboards.

When you are getting any switchboard upgrade done, it’s important that you hire the services of a reliable and licensed electrician in Sydney. While these are standard services, there could be times when you need 24/7 emergency services and it’s important to ensure that the electrician you choose is able to provide these too.