How can I childproof my powerpoints?

Children love to explore their surroundings. If you have a young son or daughter, you know that they learn by using their senses- which includes tasting, touching, pulling, pushing and even climbing on things around your home! But there are some things that you need to keep your child safe from. A power point can be a very dangerous source in your house; most power points are situated just at the right height for a crawling baby or toddler, who might be curious to see or touch it.

There are some great ways you can child proof potentially dangerous areas to ensure children are safe from power points, appliances and wires that can cause shocks for little fingers. Electrician To The Rescue are electricians in Sydney who don’t want to see any harm come to your little ones.

  • One of the cheapest and easiest ways to prevent a child from accessing a power point and inserting anything into them is to buy a pluggable cover. These insert into your power point just like an ordinary plug, they fit snugly into the socket and sit quite flush against the power point this makes them hard for a child to remove. While they will be *fiddly* for an adult to remove, when it comes to the safety of your child that isn’t an issue.
  • Alternatively you can look at outlets that have a cover that slides. Basically when you remove a power cord from the socket the cover slides shut over the outlet preventing your child having access. If the child pulls the plug from the wall, it will still slide shut preventing access. These are more expensive and harder to install, the electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The rescue can install these for you – ensuring they are secured properly, safely and correctly.

Your main goal is to keep your child’s attention away from a power point, try and cover outlets with heavy furniture so your child won’t even see them. The team at Electrician To The Rescue are award winning Sydney electricians with 30 years of experience who are happy to help those in the Sydney area.