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DIY Electrical

DIY Electrical: Laying Down The Law

It’s alarming the number of people who think they can ace a DIY electrical project. Not only do real electricians in Sydney take years to train, but your pet project could well be in breach of NSW legislation.

Any electrical technician in Sydney will tell you the same thing – your DIY plans need to go on hold.

Any electrician near you will confirm this.

The relevant law is all the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW) and the Gas And Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 (NSW). But if you’re not a legalese expert, don’t worry. Here’s the gist of it:

  1. You can’t replace or move a power point.
  2. You can’t replace or move an electrical switch.
  3. You can’t install or repair your own home wiring.

Seems a bit much? To the outsider, it can look more than a little severe.

But, while this might all seem a bit draconian, there’s good reasons for it.

What are the risks?

An electrical DIY isn’t just risking a massive fine, but also your home safety.

The installation of electrical equipment in your home takes care and expertise – and can only be performed by a licensed expert – if it’s going to be insured. And, if it’s not insured, should anything go wrong, you’ll be far more out of pocket than if you had paid for a proper repair in the first place.

It begs the question: why do people obsess over risky DIY? Maybe it’s partly a pride thing, or a little bit of hubris, but it’s certainly more than that.

Part of it is also our perceptions of tradespeople – we don’t always see electricians in Sydney as the licensed, qualified experts they are – but it mostly just comes down to price.

We get it. But it shouldn’t be a barrier to getting a quality repair.

The last word on quality

Quality is what it all comes down to.

A high-quality repair is a safe repair, and anything less than the best is putting your home at risk.

You can’t trust any attempt at DIY electrical – it simply isn’t going to be completed to the standards required by an Australian electrician. Sure, the weekend warrior in us wants to believe we can do it just as well as an expert, but it’s just not the case.

With years of training and expertise in the hands of every licensed and qualified technician, not to mention the backing of a 100% workmanship guarantee and full insurance, our team are far more suited to the job at hand than any cowboy or weekend warrior.

No one wants to be stuck with a less than perfect repair. So why risk a DIY?

Why DIY?

Any system failure can be tempting for the DIY enthusiasts within us. With a little bit of fiddling a lot of people think they can move, fix, or replace a power point, or a lighting switch.

Not only is this dangerous, it’s also against the law.

Whether you own your property or not, insurance policies always dictate that all electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician Sydney wide. While changing a lightbulb is fine, most other repairs or installations do need an expert.

The reasons for this aren’t as obscure as they seem.

The Letter of the Law

The Home Building Act 1989 serves two purposes: first, it outlines your rights as an owner, tenant, or occupant. Under the act, you’re entitled so a whole load of protections from dodgy dealers, untrustworthy tradies and cowboy builders.

On the other hand, the act also outlines the expectation that consumers won’t take matters into their own hands. While protecting you and your family from a dodgy repair is one thing, this does mean that, to be insured, all repairs must be carried out by a licensed expert.

The two facets go hand in hand.

If the law’s going to effectively protect against dodgy repairs, the law can’t be expected distinguish between those of dicey operators and an unlicensed homeowner.

The reasoning behind this is that no matter who the unlicensed “fixer” is, they’re still bringing the same risks to your property, your home, and your family.

So Call Today

Don’t sleep on this. If you need an electrician near you in Sydney or an electrical repair Sydney wide, we’re your go to. No electrical DIY is worth the risk – they’re even illegal.

But with Electrician To The Rescue, you’re in safe hands. Our team are ready to help, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Don’t wait. We’re always nearby, always ready to rescue you!

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