There are a wide range of reasons you may need Sydney electricians. From general repairs around your home, to more specific tasks like replacing a fuse or installing wiring, you need qualified Sydney electricians. Only by hiring a qualified, licensed professional can you be sure the job is done right and done safely. A shocking number of house fires have started due to faulty electrical wiring and if you find you are having problems with your electrics it’s important to call Electrician To The Rescue on 1800 893 218 as soon as you can. There are so many electrical jobs around your home that can only be done by qualified Sydney electricians, and attempting DIY electrical work just isn’t worth the risk!

  • Repairs – electricians will replace dangerous wiring, fix lighting, replace blown fuses, and repair switchboards, heating and cooling systems, security systems or cameras.
  • Maintenance – electricians come to your home, office, factory or business to complete electrical repairs, they can also install extra services that you might need including ceiling fans, smoke alarm installations or power points. They are also called upon during house renovations to replace old wiring or to install new lighting or power outlets.
  • Installation – electricians who specialise in fitting and installing new electrical components or products. In some cases power needs to be wired to a home completely from scratch, and so the installation electrician will bring power to all necessary parts of the home with a wiring and switchboard installation. They will install light switches, power points, lights, appliances and connect cooling and heating systems. Apart from in homes, they may also work on multi story buildings, offices or shops: anywhere electricity needs to be installed.
  • Inspections – electricians can be called on to inspect people’s homes especially when selling a property just to check for and fix any problems or issues that may improve their chances of a sale. Buyers also employ electricians for the same reason, to ensure everything is safe before buying. When buying an existing home you don’t know what, if any problems you may be facing – for your family’s safety it’s always a good idea to have an electrician check for any issues. If you end up buying a property with problems, at least you know what needs to be done and the costs involved in getting it fixed.

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