People often overlook some important things when it comes time to hire electricians Sydney which can lead to the need to call an electrician time and time again to fix the same problem. For the customer this means that they are spending more and more money they don’t need to. So before you reach for the phone and call electricians Sydney there are a few simple things you need to consider when hiring an electrician.

Is the electrician qualified, experienced and licensed?

It’s always a good idea to ask if the electrician has had experience in doing the type work you require, this will let you make an informed decision on whether they can handle the work. The team at Electrician To The Rescue are fully licensed and insured and not only have the training but the experience needed to complete any type of electrical work for you. You can rest assured that the work will be of a high standard and carried out in a timely and safe manner.

Is the electrician insured?

It is smart to make sure the electricians Sydney you choose are fully insured. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing everything is covered just in case there is an accident while the electrician is carrying out his work. The professional electricians Sydney at Electrician To The Rescue will give you peace of mind as they are fully insured to cover all costs if something happens.

How much do they charge?

It’s important when you hire an electrician that you have a checklist of what needs to be done and ensure that the quote you get includes all of your works in the final price. This will avoid any nasty surprises at the end of the day. Always ask for an on the spot quote whilst the electrician is on site, and ask your electrician if they can recommend any alternative solutions to the problem. This way, you can decide up front if the job is affordable, and you may find that there is a more economical solution to the issue that will save you money.

Customer feedback

Does the electrician have any testimonials? References are a great help when deciding who to employ to carry out electrical work around your home, from fault finding to installing a power point, if you have heard or read good things about the tradesman on review sites, you won’t have to worry when you hire them for the job.

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