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Electrical faults? Maybe you’ve got that special someone who fancies themselves a wiring expert. Maybe they even know the difference between alternating and direct current! But, as we all know, electricity is a dangerous thing. Don’t risk those around you – whether it’s a partner, a friend, family member, or neighbour from across the road – performing a shoddy AND potentially dangerous DIY.

With over thirty years of experience servicing Sydney’s electrical needs, our electricians are the electricians Sydney trusts for top-quality, sustainable and long-term service. When you’ve got a light that won’t turn on, an outlet that won’t work, or any other electrical fault – it’s time to call your local technicians.

With our lifetime guarantee on all our fully-insured work, we’re always ready to stand behind what we do and show that we’re the team you can trust. Our technicians are trained, qualified and certified, and always ready to go! When there’s sparks, save it for the team who know what they’re doing: let your Electrician To The Rescue save the day!

It’s time to see the difference between a DIY and the real thing. Call today on 1800 893 218, or click here to book a job online!


Thirty Years of Electrical Experience

We’ve been in the game for a while. We’ve seen all kinds of electrical problems – from wires sparking, outlets that don’t produce any power, to light fittings failing. Our team are the experts when it comes to any electrical work! With our experience, we’ll investigate and fault-find until we’ve found a viable, long-term solution to your problems. We’re the team who’ve seen it all – give us a call now to organise an inspection!


Trusted Tradies

Our tradesmen have yonks worth of time working in the electrical trade. With years of experience, and refresher courses delivered weekly to keep everyone up to the minute, our tradies are the electricians Sydney trusts most to deliver results. We repair what your husband fixed – we’ve got the team and the skills to get the job done.

Our team are the team Sydney knows are the most experienced, most reliable in the business. So why wait? Call today!


Same Day Service

With our workmen ready 24/7 to provide emergency service to you, we’re always on the go! We offer same-day electrical service on most jobs – our tradies carry over 150 specialised tools in each van. We’ve got the equipment to get started on a job right after inspecting it – meaning there’s no waiting around! Be ready to see results before the sun goes down.


On Time All The Time2010-07-20_Black_windup_alarm_clock_face

Vehicle tracking means we’re always keeping an eye on the closest tradesman to your job – able to dispatch them as soon as available, as close to you as possible. Being able to pinpoint your nearest technician means speedier service when you need it most – when your electricity goes out, the last thing you want is to be waiting in the dark! So call the experts who are on the go, ready to work – 1800 893 218!

You don’t want to waste time in an electrical emergency. Waiting on that DIY you’re owed for that favour you did last year – it won’t do. Don’t put your trust in an unreliable, unsafe DIY when the Electrician To The Rescue team is available and ready to go! We’ve been rescuing Sydney from power outages for over 30 years, and are the emergency electricians Sydney trusts.


Up Front, Fixed, Honest Quotes

We’ll always quote a job after inspecting the work – meaning that we can deliver a quote that will be realistic and won’t waver, even if the job takes longer than expected! Our up front, honest pricing means that you can rest easy knowing you won’t be stuck with bill shock! Be ready to see the Electrician To The Rescue difference when you meet our trusted Sydney electricians!


We Leave Your Home Spick And Span

We know what a nightmare cleaning up after a messy tradie can be. Maybe you’re tired of dealing with the mess that comes with “visitors” who work on your house – never fear! The Electrician To The Rescue team are the team who you can trust to keep their work areas neat and tidy, and clean up after themselves! We always leave your home exactly as we found it – the only sign we’ve ever been there is flawless electricals!


Guaranteed For Lifeguaranteed-electrical-services

This is something only we can offer. Even if you know the best amateur sparky out there – he or she can’t guarantee or insure the work. If you’re reliant on a DIY, you’re reliant on work which is simply not going to be as reliable.

Our peace of mind guarantee means that when we finish a job, we finish it for good. We offer a guarantee that means anything that goes wrong based on our work, we’ll come back and sort out – for free. We’re just like that. And that lasts for life!


So Call Today

When you’re looking for that new spark in your life, it’s not going to be found in a shonky DIY. It’s going to be in great customer service, satisfaction and the safety of knowing that your work has been completed by a certified, qualified and fully insured electrician. For the team Sydney trusts with their wires, call Electrician To The Rescue on 1800 893 218, or click here to book a job online!