Using lighting to make your home feel cosy

Did you know that lighting can do more than just brighten your room? You can use the lighting in any room to make it look and feel cosier. Today the electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue will show you how.

  • The Living Room – in general you do a lot in the living room, from watching TV to reading a book, but the room doesn’t have to be all about overhead lighting. If you want to watch TV without harsh lighting over-head or just curl up with a good book and relax – there are actually a few lighting options Electrician To The Rescue can help with anything from mood lighting to task lighting. By having a variety of lighting options in your living room you can change the feel of a room when you like. Recessed lighting can brighten your whole room while turning on a floor or table lamp can make the same room feel cosy.
  • The Bedroom – Your bedroom is the one room you want in your house that does feel cosy. Rather than one overhead light choose lighting that reflects your style – in general people opt for over head lighting and bedside lamps but have you considered mood lighting? Recessed lighting or a softly illuminated bead head can create a romantic and cosy environment. The electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue can install a dimmer switch that will allow you to really control your bedroom lighting.
  • The Bathroom – bathroom lighting has always been overlooked, from overhead lighting to a light over your vanity those were your two options, but times have changed. While you still need *basic* overhead lighting why not consider pendant style lighting, wall lights or even adding a table lamp. Different style, different placement and you can change the mood of your bathroom whenever you want.
  • The Kitchen – This room too is often overlooked but lighting can change the mood or feel of the room to suit the *occasion*. Recessed lights under cabinets can be used as both mood and task lighting, while lighting inside cabinets can be used for display and thanks to LED lighting you can add shimmer by installing lighting that illuminates the room’s splash back in the dark.

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