Sydney Electricians with comprehensive experience in the trade

Professional electricians that provide a reliable and proactive service are diamonds in the rough. Customers often enlist the help of tradesmen which are poorly qualified with little experience, receiving no return on their value and not getting problems fixed.

In contrast, we offer a results-driven service that ensures you get the best outcome. Known as award winning electricians, we are often commissioned to pick up the pieces of poorer electrician jobs all over Sydney. Simply cut out the middleman and get Sydney electricians with expertise and qualifications on board to fix your issues every time.

Our service professionals have been responded for thousands of repairs, many of which were actioned in a single visit. Don’t delay, call us in today for a fast same-day electrical repair service.


Our services span every electrical handyman item in the modern home, including:

  • Power points
  • Professional electrical advice on electricity and appliance usage
  • Lighting repair
  • Emergency recovery
  • Power points
  • Wiring and cabling issues.


We offer a 24/7 convenience agreement that means you can contact us for after-hours appointments in advance. that means your electricity problems can be fixed any time of the day or night. That way, you won’t have to worry about staying home from work to receive a half hour fix job.

Our team of Sydney electricians are the professionals in fixing broken wiring, lights, fans and more. Electricity is the second hottest fire in the world and moves at close to light speed, so don’t delay on calling in an expert to fix faulty systems up immediately.


We’re living proof that Sydney electricians who are reliable, upfront and don’t overcharge exist. As such, Electricians to the Rescue can offer you a great service at affordable prices. For any queries call us on 1800 893 218 or book a job online!

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