Smoke alarms in Willoughby

In NSW, it is mandatory by law for homes to have a functional smoke alarm on each floor. These are small & inexpensive devices that are invaluable in case there is a fire. A smoke alarm that is dysfunctional can cause major damage to life and property. Thus it is important that all the smoke alarms in your house be functional.

The best way to ensure that they are all working is to carry-out all the standard maintenance of the smoke alarms in Willoughby. When we maintain these for you, you automatically are stress free. We check these and all the electrical wiring & the related installations. It is best not to attempt any DIY projects whenever it is related to electrical installations. There are extremely strict regulations around handling electrical work without a license and you can also be fined very heavily.

Repair smoke alarm faults in Willoughby

In addition to the legal implications, it is also important to take the safety factor into consideration. Electrical equipment & wiring must be handled very carefully & you have to ensure that there isn’t any fluctuation in the electrical current. You will require electrical equipment to action these checks and it’s something that you may have in your DIY kit.

If you hear any smoke alarm beeping in Willoughby or find smoke alarm faults in Willoughby at any odd hours of the day or night, call us without delay.

We provide round the clock services for all electrical emergencies & same day services for all standard requests. We offer realistic pricing and charge by job and ensure that only the best materials are used to fix smoke alarm in Willoughby. Call us on 1800 893 218 or contact us through this form.