Smoke alarm in Strathfield South

By law in New South Wales, it is required for all residences to have working smoke alarms on each floor in their homes. These are inexpensive devices which can be installed very easily and are crucial for saving lives & property in case there is any fire breakout. Thus it is very important for you to make sure that all the smoke alarms in your home are in a working condition.

When you call us for regular electrical maintenance, our expert electricians check of smoke alarm faults in Strathfield South. This is a standard part of the maintenance check and is very important. We recommend that any annual electrical check-up should also be carried out on all residential/commercial premises. This ensures that all electrical faults are identified early and it also saves you from any kind of expensive repairs in the future.

Handling Smoke alarms in Strathfield South

We have three decades of experience in the electrical field and all our electricians are fully-licensed and skilled to handle all kinds of complaints related to electrical installations and smoke alarms in Strathfield South.

Different Smoke alarm faults

The things that can go wrong with a smoke alarm in Strathfield South are:

  • smoke alarm beeping in Strathfield South(no fire/smoke)
  • The warning blare sounds for no reason
  • The light on the alarms doesn’t work even with working batteries

The excellent electricians

We have been working in a very efficient and consistent manner across the Inner West for the last 30 years.  We handle all kinds of electrical complaints and serve residential and commercial customers.  In case of an emergency, contact us on 1800 893 218 and standard requests can be sent via this online form.