Smoke alarm in Stanmore

All homes in NSW are required to have working smoke alarms on every level. These are very important devices and can actually protect you and your family from harm in case a fire breaks out. It is also very important that all the smoke alarms in your home be in a working condition. The one way to ensure that all the electrical equipment in your home works properly is to have Electrician To The Rescue handle all the regular maintenance work and smoke alarm faults in Stanmore.

We will come to your home, office or shop on a bi-annual basis and carry out all the maintenance work in detail. We use the latest technology testing equipment and our electricians have the expertise to detect and repair any faults in case they are found. If there is constant smoke alarm beeping in Stanmore, even in the night, it can be very annoying and disturbing.

The normal thing to do would be to remove the batteries and re-insert them, but if there is a fault in the smoke alarm in Stanmore, it will continue beeping. This is when you will have to call us to check out the problem. We have 30 years of expertise in working in the electrical field in the Inner West and can handle faults of varied types.

Repair of smoke alarms in Stanmore

We also provide you same day and 24/7 services and never compromise of quality. Do not take any chances when it comes to dealing with electricity, simply call us instead. We provide you with very realistic quotes and charge by job, not by the hour. This means that you get total value for money. Do contact us for regular electrical checks and for repair of smoke alarms in Stanmore on 1800 893 218. You can also reach us via this online form