Smoke alarm in Sans Souci

Smoke alarms are an essential piece of equipment in any residential or commercial space. They can prove to be invaluable if there is a fire on your premises. In case of a fire, a non-functional smoke alarm can result in a lot of damage to life & property. We at Electrician To The Rescue prioritize safety on all counts. We are very particular with every job we handle and also encourage all our customers to get smoke alarm faults in Sans Souci attended to, without any delay.

Smoke alarms are not very expensive pieces of equipment but they can be definite life savers in case of a fire. When we visit your home for a maintenance call, we also ensure that along with attending to of all the issues with smoke alarms in Sans Souci, we will also test all the wiring and other electrical installations. This is the one way of keeping electrical problems at bay.

Pay attention to smoke alarms in Sans Souci

Different kinds of issues can crop up in smoke alarm systems and the things that you should be looking out for are:

  • Smoke alarm beeping inSans Souci even though there isn’t any fire or smoke
  • The alarm’s warning-blare sounds without cause
  • The smoke alarmlight does not flash even though there is a fresh set of batteries in it


The expert electricians

Electrician To The Rescue has been working in the St George area for 30 years and in this time we have built very strong relationships with all our clients. We handle projects of varying scales and never compromise either on quality or safety. We handle all kinds of electrical installation, smoke alarm fault in Sans Souci, repair work and maintenance work with attention to detail. We offer same day services for all standard issues and are on call round the clock for any emergencies.