Smoke alarm in Russell Lea

A current legislation in NSW has now made it mandatory for all residences in NSW to have a minimum of 1 smoke alarm on each level of their home. But apart from just getting them fitted, homeowners are also required to ensure that the alarms are in a working order.  These are fitted for the safety of the members in your home and that of your property.

Unfortunately, in most cases, once these devices have been fitted, they are largely forgotten. Its only when there is any sudden and constant smoke alarm beeping in Russell Lea, that we wake up to the fact that we have smoke alarms on the property. In most cases, it is possible to reset the alarm by removing and reinserting the batteries. However, if there is a fault in the device, this might not work. At times, the light on the smoke alarm might not come on at all, despite there being new batteries in it. These kinds of smoke alarm faults in Russell Lea shouldn’t be ignored.

Maintenance of Smoke alarms in Russell Lea

Electrician To The Rescue has the expertise to handle installation, repair & maintenance of all types of smoke alarms in Russell Lea. We also handle all other kinds emergency electrical fitting and ensure that your premises in safe from fire risk. It is important to have regular maintenance of all electrical equipment handled by an expert. If you want to avoid any false smoke alarm in Russell Lea, ensure that they are all checked on a regular basis. In case of emergencies, call us on 1800 893 218 for emergencies, or drop us a request via our online form and we will come and handle regular smoke alarm maintenance for you.