Smoke alarm in Riverwood

By NSW legislation, it is mandatory for every house in the state to have an operational smoke alarm on every single level of their home. These devices are inexpensive and add a safety quotient that can be definite life savers and they must be in top working order. Research has shown that if your smoke alarm doesn’t alert you in time, there is a 57% higher risk of damage to life & property. This is why we recommend to every one of our customers that smoke alarm faults in Riverwood should be attended to without delay.

When Electrician to the Rescue visits your property for smoke alarms in Riverwood installation, we will also carry out a thorough check of the system. We have the latest equipment and our staff is expertly-trained and highly experienced with handling any kind of electrical job in your residential or commercial property.

Types of smoke alarm faults in Riverwood

A number of things can go wrong with smoke alarms and these are the signs of trouble that you should look out for:

  • Smoke alarm beeping inRiverwood even when there is no smoke/fire
  • Warning blare goes off suddenly
  • The smoke alarm light doesn’t come on even when you replace batteries

The experienced hands

We are highly experienced in every aspect of electrical work and any kind of Smoke alarm in Riverwood installation, repair or maintenance work is carried out with expertise and efficiency for you. We understand the importance of smoke alarms and how they can save you and your property from fire risk and our Super-Electricians are updated with knowledge about the latest smoke alarms and how they work.

The untimely alarm

The beep of a smoke alarm can be very disturbing; especially if it has gone off in the middle of the night (which is what occurs in most cases). We work 24/7 and all our vans are equipped with GPS. This gives us the ability to attend to your issue even at the most unearthly hour and we will send the staff member over to your home/office without delay.

We provide a 100% lifetime guarantee on workmanship and if you find any faults in your smoke alarms, all you have to do is call us on 1800 893 218 or drop us a line via our website form. At the end of the day, electrical safety is about regular maintenance and timely repair.