Smoke alarm in North Ryde

It is now a legal requirement in New South Wales for all residences to have at least 1 smoke alarm fitted on every floor. It is in important to ensure that these alarms are in working order at all times. These are highly-useful safety devices that can reduce fire risk & protect life and property and there are times when they can prove to be invaluable. But there are times when some smoke alarm faults surface in the Lower North Shore & you should have them fixed without delay. The different faults that you might notice are:

  • Alarm light doesn’t come on at all
  • No smoke/ fire but smoke alarm beeping in North Ryde
  • Alarm blare goes-off without reason

If you notice any of these signs or any other smoke alarm faults in North Ryde, contact us immediately and we will connect with one of our service vans and an expert electrician will be at your location within no time at all.

Dealing with smoke alarm faults North Ryde

Every one of our expert electrician undergoes regular training and can handle:

  • Powerpoint repairs
  • Circuit breaker and fuse installation and repair
  • Switchboard repair and installation
  • All electrical fittings
  • All electrical fault repair

If you are facing any problem with smoke alarms in North Ryde call us without delay. We use the latest testing-equipment & check all the connected wiring and points for faults & fix them as necessary. We have three decades of years of experience in the field & offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on labour. In case of any emergencies, contact us on 1800 893 218 & for any queries or any standard requests you can book a service using this form.