Smoke alarm in Mortdale

By law in NSW, residences are required to have functional smoke alarms on every single floor of their homes. These are small and inexpensive devices that can be installed very easily and are vital for saving lives and property in case there is a fire breakout. Thus it is important for you to ensure that all your smoke alarms are in a working condition.

When you call Electrician To The Rescue for regular electrical maintenance, our Super-Electricians also check of smoke alarm faults in Mortdale. This is part of the routine check and is extremely essential. We recommend that an annual electrical check-up should be carried out on all premises- residential or commercial. This helps in identifying faults early and saves you from expensive repairs in the future.

Handling Smoke alarms in Mortdale

We have 30 years of experience in the field and the expertise our electricians display in handling all complaints related to smoke alarms in Mortdale 24/7, comes from this vast experience. Every one of our electricians is run through regular upgrade training which ensures sound knowledge.

Smoke alarm faults

Different things can go wrong with a smoke alarm in Mortdale and recognizing the signs is important. There is trouble if:

  • You frequently hear smoke alarm beeping in Mortdale(no signs of fire/smoke)
  • You hear a warning blare for no reason
  • The light on the alarms does not come on though the batteries are working

The excellent electricians

Electrician To The Rescue has been working in a very efficient and steadfast manner across St George for the last 30 years. In this time we have handled electrical complaints of all kinds, both residential and commercial. Please contact us via our online form or all us on 1800 893 218.