Smoke alarm in Lane Cove

In NSW, it is a mandate that residences have smoke alarms on every single level of their homes. These devices are very functional and not very expensive either. In case of a fire break-out a smoke alarm will alert you and can prevent damage to life & property. It is important that all the smoke alarms in Lane Cove be in a working order.

Carrying out regular maintenance of the smoke alarms in Lane Cove is the one way of ensuring that they work the way they should. When we handle smoke alarm faults in Lane Cove for you, as part of our regular maintenance services, we also ensure that your other electrical wiring and equipment is checked thoroughly.  We use the latest testing equipment and our Super-Electricians are also highly skilled and well trained.  If there are any faults in any of the wiring or electrical equipment, they will indentify it and fix it to your satisfaction.

Types of Smoke alarm faults in Lane Cove

We are able to detect faults in smoke alarms, but it is important that you do too. Different things can go wrong with smoke alarms and there are signs of trouble if:

  • There is Smoke alarm beeping inLane Cove without any fire/smoke
  • The warning-blare goes off without reason
  • The alarm light does not come on even when the batteries are replaced.

The experienced electricians

We have worked very consistently on various electrical projects in North Shore and in many regions across NSW. We offer you a 100% guarantee on workmanship and never falter on quality. Call us on 1800 893 218 for all you electrical repair and maintenance work. You can also send across all your queries or book a time via our online form. We offer you same day and 24/7 services and ensure the highest levels of efficiency.