Smoke alarm in Lane Cove North

A legislation in New South Wales has now made it mandatory for all residences to have at least one smoke alarm on each level in their house. Though this might seem like a bother and some homeowners might have to get some additional alarms fitted in their homes, it’s important to understand that these are safety devices. They protect your property from getting damaged in a fire and can go a long way in saving lives too.

We at Electrician To The Rescue, suggest that not only should the alarms be installed as mandated, maintenance of smoke alarms in Lane Cove North should also be carried out on a regular basis. This ensures there will be no unnecessary smoke alarm beeping in Lane Cove North, in the middle of the night.

When we attend to smoke alarm faults in Lane Cove North, we also check all the connected wiring and ensure that there is no problem in it. We use the latest testing equipment which means that even the smallest of smoke alarm faults in Lane Cove North will be detected and resolved in an effective manner.

Smoke alarm fault in Lane Cove North

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