Smoke alarm in Earlwood

Smoke alarm at home proves to be a boon when fire breaks out. Having none or having a broken one is one and the same thing and both are just not acceptable as you are putting your and family members’ lives in danger out of sheer negligence. Some appliances at home are not to be taken lightly and smoke alarm is definitely one of them.


We, at Electrician to the Rescue, are the preferred electricians for taking care of smoke alarms in Earlwood and our services are nothing less than perfect example of excellence.


Do not play with the safety of your house; install smoke alarm today!


Ideally, some alarms should be installed inside all sleeping rooms and at entrances. We, at Electrician to the Rescue, are fully equipped for providing the best solutions for smoke alarm faults in Earlwood. Our same day service and 100% guaranteed service make us the favorite smoke alarm specialists in Inner West.


Leave you smoke alarm in Earlwood worries to us and we will take care of them with utmost care. Our vast experience of 30 years helps us find the best solutions for your smoke alarms in the least possible time.


Why calling us for smoke alarms is wonderful idea


  • 24/7 service: A smoke alarm beeping in Earlwood can be very embarrassing as well as distressing situation. Our round the clock availability proves to be very beneficial for such unforeseen circumstances.
  • Tracked technicians: We know where our technicians are and can send them to you in a blink as all of them are GPS tracked
  • 100% guaranteed service: You are fully covered for what we do to your smoke alarms as all our services are guaranteed for lifetime.


Call us in a hurry at 1300-306-110 and we will provide you the fastest possible rescue! Or write to us at to know all about our services.