Smoke alarm in Dulwich Hill

Is your smoke alarm system fully up and running safely? Do you have enough alarms to cover your home and office? Are they all working and when was the last time you replaced the old batteries? The above questions need to be answered and understood if you are going to protect your loved ones and assets this winter.Why not call Electrician to the Rescue and let us replace, repair and maintain your smoke alarm system on a regular basis?  We can check your existing system to ensure it is fully working or we can advise you on a new system. For your peace of mind please call us and let us make sure that your smoke alarm system in Dulwich Hill is properly working.

We are the smoke alarm experts in the Inner West!

AtElectrician To The Rescue we are your local electricians specialising in smoke alarm faults and beeping in Dulwich Hill. We can provide you with the best information and service when it comes to asmoke alarm system for your property. We understand that smoke alarms are the difference between life and death so we take the maintenance and installation of these systems very seriously and so should you. Our electricians are fully trained in the latest technologies and procedures so you will have aworld class safety product designed to warn you in the unlikely event of a fire.

Why Call Us?

  • Same-day service: We will come and repair or replace your smoke alarm system in Dulwich Hill. We will even come just to check and replace your batteries on a yearly basis.
  • Guaranteed workmanship: Our 100% lifetime guarantee means you can rest assured with the quality of our electrical services.
  • Service with a smile: Our fully trained and insured electricians are there to help you with all your electrical needs.

If you need anelectricianto help you with your smoke alarm system in Dulwich Hillthen contact us today! Send us an email at or call on 1800 893 218.