Smoke alarm in Concord West

A latest law in NSW has made it compulsory for all the households in the state to have a minimum of 1 smoke alarm fitted on each level in their home. This may seem a little troublesome as you will have to acquire the exact number alarms, call an electrician and have him fix all of them. In addition, you will have to ensure that all the smoke alarms also have fresh batteries and that all the wiring and devices are in a working condition at all times.

Maintenance of smoke alarms in Concord West

All of these are safety measures and go a long way in mitigating fire risk. The one thing that must be done without fail is to ensure that those smoke alarms are working at all times. There are times when some fault in the piece sets-off smoke alarm beeping in Concord West. This can be very annoying and if you are not able to stop it even by removing and reinserting the batteries, it can be a problem. But the fact is that when a piece misbehaves in this manner, it is actually trying to tell you that the smoke alarm fault in Concord West has to be attended to without delay.


When Safety Matters

Electrician To The Rescue have the expertise to install, repair and maintain smoke alarms in Concord West. In addition, we handle all other kinds of emergency repairs which helps in making your home a safer place to live in. When you call us to check a smoke alarm in Concord West, we ensure that all the wiring is tested and the fault rectified. In case of an emergency, you can call us on 1800 893 218 and all standard requests can be sent via our online form.