Smoke alarm in Burwood

It is compulsory in NSW for residences to have smoke alarms on all the levels in their homes. These are inexpensive and functional devices that have the potential to avert risk to life and property, if there is a fire break-out in your home. A smoke alarm that is not working can result in a catastrophe. This is easily avoidable, if you ensure that all the alarms in your home are in a working condition.

The best way of ensuring this to have us conduct regular maintenance of the smoke alarms in Burwood. When we test these and all the wiring and connected installations, we are also able to fix all the faults for you in the best possible manner.  This check ensures that the equipment & the wiring are in a working condition. We use the latest testing equipment and our licensed electricians are trained to handle every kind of electrical job for you.

Types of Smoke alarm faults in Burwood

We have expertise in detecting smoke alarm faults in Burwood and in fixing them satisfactorily. Many different things can go wrong with a smoke alarm system and the signs of trouble are:

  • Smoke alarm beeping inBurwood without any signs of fire or smoke
  • The alarm’s  warning-blare  sounds without reason
  • The smoke alarm in Burwood lights don’t  come on even with fresh  batteries

The expert electricians

We always recommend that our customers opt for regular electrical maintenance of all smoke alarms and electrical equipment. This ensures that the faults in the system/ fixtures will be detected and rectified in time. These maintenance & service checks should be done annually. Book a time with us via this form or call us on 1800 893 218 for emergencies.