Smoke alarm in Blakehurst

A latest legislation in the state has made it mandatory for all households in NSW to have at least one smoke alarm fitted on every level of their home. This might seem a little bothersome as it might mean that you have to procure the right number of alarms, call in an electrician and have him fix it. But you need to look at it from the perspective of your own safety and you will realize that it is better to have those alarms fitted and be safe.

But we all know that once these devices have been fitted, we rarely ever get them tested on a regular basis. There are times when they sit with the dead batteries in them for weeks on end, while at others, there might be some fault in them which sets off smoke alarm beeping in Blakehurst. This is probably the time when you get very annoyed and remove the batteries from them, just to stop the incessant noise.

Maintenance of smoke alarms in Blakehurst

But the truth is that the device is actually telling you that something is wrong and smoke alarm faults in Blakehurst should not be ignored for any period of time. They are safety devices and should be maintained and all smoke alarm faults should be looked into without any delay.

The safety factor

Electrician To The Rescue are experts at installation, repair and maintenance of smoke alarms in Blakehurst. We also handle every other kind of emergency electrical fitting which goes a long way in making your home safer.

In order to avoid a false smoke alarm in Blakehurst, ensure that these are checked on a regular basis. If you have omitted getting this done, call us on 1800 893 218 for emergencies, or drop us a request via our online form for all your electrical requirements.