Smoke alarm in Birchgrove

A current legislation in NSW has made it compulsory for all residences to have at least 1 smoke alarm fitted on each level in their home. This may seem a bit bothersome as you will have to buy a certain number of these devices and ensure that they are fitted in a safe manner. But it is important for everyone to understand that there should never be any compromise of safety and that fitting smoke alarms in Birchgrove reduce fire risk in your home.

Even after this, just fitting them is not enough. You have to ensure that they are in a working condition. If you find any fault in them or of there is unwarranted smoke alarm beeping in Birchgrove, it is important to have them checked with the least delay. Constant and sudden beeping of a smoke alarm can be very annoying and it is important that you do not just remove the batteries and keep them aside. Call us without delay and we will ensure that the entire system is checked and that the fault is fixed in an expert manner.

Maintenance of smoke alarms in Birchgrove

Smoke alarm faults in Birchgrove are not uncommon and we understand the importance of these safety devices in your home. Electrician To The Rescue are experts at installation, repair & maintenance of smoke alarms in Birchgrove. We handle all other kinds of emergency electrical fittings which makes your home safer.

Prevent a false smoke alarm in Birchgrove from sounding by getting regular maintenance done. In case of any kind of electrical emergency, call us on 1800 893 218 or drop us a request via our online form for all standard electrical requirements.