Smoke alarm in Arncliffe

Smoke alarms in Arncliffe are a fixture in every home. This is because they are a necessary piece of equipment in case of a fire and are also mandatory by law. As a matter of fact, every home in NSW is required to have smoke alarms in Arncliffe on every floor. But the problem is that there are times when there is smoke alarm beeping in Arncliffe without any signs of fire or smoke. In most cases, this caused by smoke alarm faults in Arncliffe.

Smoke alarm faults Arncliffe

When you hear a beeping sound, the first thing you do is remove the batteries and re-insert them into the alarm. The beeping might stop temporarily, but sometimes the smoke alarm starts beeping again after some time. This can be quite alarming to say the least and if it happens in the night, even more so. Thus it is important for you to have the smoke alarm in Arncliffe fixed. Electrician To The Rescue is at your service night and day and will respond to your call without any delay.

The Perfectionists

We are very particular with every job we do and also ensure that all the work is carried out to perfection. This simply means that we never compromise on the quality of our work, the materials we use and on the skill-levels of our electricians. When they visit your home, they will attend to the smoke alarm in Arncliffe and also do a quick check on all the smoke alarm wiring and related switches. This through check ensures that the problem will not recur and you will not be impacted negatively.

We always recommend that regular maintenance be carried out for smoke alarms in Arncliffe as well as all the other electrical installation in your home. We can be reached on 1800 893 218 or via the online form on our site.