Signs that the Wiring in Your Home is Faulty

When you live on an older property, you need to be extra careful about the wiring in your home. The reason this is important is because like the other features in your home, you can’t really see the wiring; almost all of it is concealed, after all. So how then would you know if and when something goes wrong?  There are certain signs you should look out for, which indicate that there may be some issues with the wiring in your home:

  • Fuses blowing or circuit breakers tripping– Circuit breakers are the safety installations that help in preventing fire & electrocution, as they cut-off or trip the power supply in case there is some alteration in the regular flow of electricity in your home. Circuit breakers have to be reset, and older homes tend to have fuses that have to be replaced when they blow-out. If you find that you have to either reset or replace these safety devices too often, it can mean there is a need to get the wiring examined from an electrician, as soon as possible. This is why it’s important to keep handy the contact details of good local electrician.
  • Dimming/flickering of light– Whenever excessive power is used by any appliance when it’s plugged-in & switched-on, the lights can get momentarily dimmed or you may notice that some lights are flickering. This can be an indication of faulty wiring. At times, this may indicate that you have an older circuit breaker in your home that would need to be replaced.
  • Discoloration of switches and sockets– If a power outlet has a charred surface that can be a very bad sign; and it’s important that you get it replaced without delay. If the wiring is faulty or if there is a loose connection, that can result in arcing in the socket and can cause a small fire. This is what causes discoloration in the fitting.
  • Burning smell– If you smell something burning in your home, it’s something you shouldn’t ignore at all. If there is a short circuit or an electrical fire, that causes the brief burn and the acrid smell. If you have noticed a burning smell, but aren’t able to identify its source, it’s important that you call in a skilled local residential electrician.
  • Switches or sockets that give an electrical shock– These are a sure-shot indication that there is a fault in the wiring, at some point. The problem could like either in the wiring or in the actual outlet. Sometimes, the issue could be in the electrical wiring of a certain appliance.

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