Short Circuit Issues and How to Check For Them

Regardless of the type of property you own, you are sure to have a number of appliances & equipment that operates on electricity. They need a power source and proper electrical wiring etc. to function properly. The electrical current comes in at a certain flow from the mains; however, the circuit breakers are the safety devices installed on your property to control this flow. In case of any kind of an overload, the safety devices stop the electricity flow in the electrical system. A short circuit can cause a significant amount of damage if it isn’t attended to on time.

What causes a short circuit?

At times the short circuit occurs in certain electrical appliances which have been plugged into wall sockets that are visible on the walls. However, it could occur in the wiring that’s concealed in walls to. Since these aren’t visible, they pose a much bigger issue. Here are the steps you would have to take to identify what exactly is causing that short circuit.

  • In case a short circuit occurs, the circuit breaker trips and that stops the electricity flow in that particular circuit. The very first thing you would have to do is find out where the primary electrical panel is, on your property. Once you have found where that is, open up the main cover, but avoid touching anything as you might get an electrical shock.
  • Find out which breaker has tripped; the one that has, will be in a “down” position.
  • The next thing to do is to identify which circuit it is connected to
  • After this, you unplug the appliances and electrical equipment that is in that room
  • Now reset the circuit breaker and then confirm whether the problem has been resolved
  • If you find that the breaker trips again, it will mean that the problem point is concealed in the walls. However, if it doesn’t trip, it indicates that the fault lies either with an appliance or piece of equipment.
  • The only way you’d be able to identify which appliance is fault, would be to plug in the appliances successively one by one, and then switch on the power, to eliminate which one is at fault.

Ideally, you should also plug the same appliance into another socket. In case there is a short circuit, it would mean that the socket is a faulty one. If that’s the case, it’s important that you get a local Emergency Electrician Sydney to fix the issue for you.  It’s a good idea to keep the number and contact details of a professional electrician handy at all times.

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