Safety Switch Special Offer

Safety Switch Special Offer

Electrician To The Rescue, your safety is our number one priority, so we want to protect your home with our $295 Safety Switch Special. Did you know that most Australian homes don’t have safety switches and it’s important to recognise the difference between a circuit breaker switch (which adds no safety to your home electrics) and a safety switch (which trips the power instantly, and saving you from electrocution). If you’re worried about your children playing with plugs or powerpoints or getting an electrical appliance wet, a safety switch is a definite must: it will ensure their safety as it cuts out the power before it can harm them, completely preventing electric shocks.

So get great value with our lowest ever price for a safety switch supply and installation. We are offering to supply and install safety switches for only $295 each + GST. That’s a saving of over $300 per switch! Just call or book online and mention the special offer ESWITCH295 to save.

Please click here to read the terms and conditions of this offer before finalising your booking – it is important that you understand all aspects of the offer. Also, please note that this price does not include GST.


You may ask yourself, “But why do I need a safety switch?” Well, the reason is safety. Electricity can be dangerous and most Australian homes don’t have safety switches installed on their switchboard. Just because your switchboard has circuit breaker switches on it doesn’t mean that it has safety switches: the difference is that safety switches will have a test button, whereas normal circuit breakers do not.

Safety switches are also known as Residual Current Devices (RCDs). They help to protect you and your family against the most frequent cause of electrocution where electricity passes through the body to earth.

This means that they guarantee against electric shocks and are designed to insure against injury from your home electrics. They monitor the electricity flow through a circuit and immediately shut off the electricity supply when they detect electrical current flowing through faulty switches, bad wiring or damaged electrical appliances. This prevents the electrical current from flowing to earth through anything irregular (like a person) and so prevents electrocution.


Also, new laws mean that you now need RCDs on lights aswell as powerpoints, meaning a minimum of two per switchboard.Maybe you already have an RCD but your safety switch trips out your whole house. We can help! By installing a second safety switch, we can run half of the power in your house to each safety switch. This ensures that if one trips, you will still have power to half of your house, so you will be able to find your way out of the house to reset the switch!

Push the safety switch “Test” button every three months e.g. when daylight saving changes your electric clocks. If it fails, have a licensed electrician check it.

If your house was built before 1977 it is unlikely to have an earth rod and you should seriously consider having a safety switch installed.

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Keep you and your family safe from the dangers of home electricity with our latest amazing offer on Safety Switches.

For just $295, your friendly, fully licensed and well experienced Electrician To The Rescue will supply and install a new safety switch in your existing switchboard. So why wait? Book today!




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