Protecting Your Workplace

The Sydney electricians at Electrician To The Rescue know that for anyone working near electrical equipment – from the home office to at work, all staff members can be exposed to electrical dangers – including a mild shock from a faulty powerpoint to a fatal jolt from poorly maintained electrical equipment.Most electrical work place injuries are from faulty wiring – from equipment not being maintained properly to damage to the wiring within the building.

In general any electrical repairs and maintenance is the responsibility of the home or business owner, he or she has to ensure that any and all electrical work – maintenance or repairs are carried out only by licensed and fully trained Sydney electricians. The home business owner needs to ensure all the equipment in use is properly maintained and safe to use.

The electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue suggest the following ways to ensure any dangerous risks can be prevented.

  • Depending on your business or workplace it is important that you/and or your staff know how to operate all machinery properly
  • If there is a problem, or you just want to have equipment and wiring checked all work must be carried out by qualified electricians
  • Make sure any and all electrical equipment is well maintained – from computers and printers to the office kettle – everything in your home office or work place must be safe for everyone to use.
  • If your staff need to deal with electrical issues ensure they are wearing the correct safety gear at all times.
  • Don’t overload power points with double adaptors and power boards, if you need more outlets call Electrician To The Rescue.

Any and all electrical equipment should be checked and installed ONLY by licensed electricians, never install extra power points, lights or ceiling fans yourself. You put yourself, your home, staff and business at risk if you carry out any electrical work yourself, it’s dangerous and against the law.

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