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We handle every kind of electrical services such as:

  • Wiring & rewiring
  • Electric hot water installation and repair
  • Electrical fitting and repair
  • Powerpoint installation
  • Switchboard installation
  • Smoke alarm installation and repair
  • All electrical installations

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Mortdale is a stunning suburb of southern Sydney, is situated 20kms to the south of the Sydney CBD & is a segment of the St George area. It lies across the City of Hurstville & Kogarah municipalities. Mortdale also extends south to the Lime Kiln Bay that is on the Georges River. Mortdale Heights is the locality situated in western corner of this suburb. In the past, Mortdale was known as Mort’s Road, Mort’s Crossing, Mort’s Hill, Mort’s Township & Mort Dale. It was named after Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, the Sydney industrialist, who was famed for pioneering refrigeration of shipping-meat & constructing the Mort’s Dock, in Balmain. This suburb is largely covered with residential dwellings. The north-west corner has some commercial & industrial developments. Mortdale’s main shopping centre is situated on Morts Road & Pitt Street, very close o the Mortdale railway station. The commercial & industrial developments are situated along Boundary Road.

Electrician To The Rescue has been serving this area for the last 30 years and can provide you with superb electrical services. If you need an electrician in Mortdale or any of the surrounding municipalities, contact Electrician To The Rescue for electrical emergencies on 1800 893 218 and for all standard jobs please book a time via this form.