Lighting ideas for your bathroom

Perhaps you are thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover, it’s looking a bit tired, and you want to do something *different*. In the past a bathroom was just somewhere to wash and clean our teeth, it wasn’t a room you would consider *relaxing* in – today things have changed! Some homeowners add a nice relaxing spa bath to the corner of their room – allowing them to relax…. but that harsh overhead lighting makes that hard!

You want to be in your bathroom, and you want to be relaxed, Electrician To The Rescue has some ideas – electricians in Sydney can give you the lighting you need.

  • Recessed lighting – this gives you the lighting where you need it, you won’t have any of those *dark spaces* in the room that single overhead lighting gives you. You can have lighting above the hand basin, directly over the shower or under cupboards.
  • Dimmer switches – with dimmer switches you can have different lighting in different areas, bright where you need it, or subdued and relaxed – allowing you to create the perfect ambience you need so you can enjoy and unwind.
  • E.D Lighting – the Sydney electricians from Electrician To The Rescue can create a relaxed atmosphere in your bathroom with the use of LED lights, placed under cupboards or mirrors you have a smooth and stylish looking bathroom while still having bright overhead lights for applying makeup or shaving when you need more practical lighting.
  • Light up a recessed shelf – often recessed shelves in a bathroom are hidden in the shadows. But with a touch of soft recessed lighting you can lift the appearance of your bathroom and show off objects you have placed on display.

When renovating don’t forget to add an exhaust ceiling fan to the bathroom,  steam build up can cause mould and no one wants their ceiling ruined with spots of mould. Electrician To The Rescue provide ceiling and exhaust fan services including – remote control, reverse function, existing wiring, fan/light combos, fault detection and repair, exhaust fan installation and silent operation. The feedback our team of electricians in Sydney has received speaks for itself

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