If you have decided to renovate a room, or even your whole house many people tend to *over look* the lighting – it’s just an *after-thought* but unfortunately this can have an impact on the feel, function and ambiance of your room. The electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue don’t want to see you making a mistake so we have these tips to share with you today.

Remember the lights you choose shouldn’t be judged purely on your budget

Consider the room….

The light you ultimately choose should depend on the use of each room, remember lights can be different – there are 3 main styles –

TASK – These lights are best used in work areas such as over desks in the home office, a dressing table in a bedroom or over bench tops, the stove and the kitchen sink in your kitchen

ACCENT – these lights are used to focus on a feature – to illuminate a specific ornament or artwork or to cast a shadow over a set space.

AMBIENT – this type of lighting is your *all over* all purpose style lighting – such as down lights in the living room or a chandelier in a dining room.

Start by using ambient lighting

At Electrician To The Rescue our team of electricians in Sydney always suggest you start with ambient lighting – these are the lights used to light up a whole room. Once you have chosen the ambient lighting for your renovation you can then layer your space with task and/or accent lighting. Don’t go too overboard with down lights as they can clutter the ceiling. Focus on setting a certain style or tone for your room, you can always consider having the electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue install a dimmer switch, this will allow you complete control of your lighting no matter the time of day.

Add some task lighting

Add task lighting to reading areas – a small reading lamp on the table in your lounge room, or bedside your bed; or add some lighting above the mirror in your bathroom.

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