What Kind of Outdoor Lighting Solutions Should You Opt For?

The outdoors spaces on your property lend a very distinct charm and they become the backdrop of your home as well. You are also sure to want these areas to be well-lit after dark, as that’s the only way you’d be able to use them more optimally. A well-illuminated yard and garden also deters vandals and other unsavoury elements from trespassing on your property.

If you are planning on getting new outdoor installations fitted or are upgrading the existing ones, it’s a good idea to plan them well.  A good residential electrician would be able to work closely with you and provide custom solutions that match your requirements to the tee. We at Electrician to the Rescue are a very well-established and credible company that has been operating in this space for a very long time.

We have developed a great deal of expertise in providing excellent electrical solutions for indoor and outdoor settings on commercial as well as residential properties. Regardless of what your specific requirements are, when you are considering getting outdoor lighting fixtures, the things that have to be taken into account are:

Type of installations

Today, you will find there are a large number of outdoor electrical fittings you can choose from. Since these installations can be energy-guzzlers, it makes a great deal of sense to choose energy-efficient installations such as LED bulbs and outdoor solar lights. The type of lights you choose will largely be dependent on the frequency of the use, the location the lights are going to be positioned, and the amount of sunlight that those spaces are exposed to. You can also choose to get motion-sensitive lights installed as they will automatically get turned-off after a certain period of time.

Outdoor lighting electrical safety

Here are some precautions we advise when you are getting outdoor lighting installed. This will help ensure the safety of the installations and prevent an electrical fire from erupting:

  • It’s important that you don’t use any indoor lighting fixtures in outdoor applications. The lights you opt for have to be designed specifically for outdoor use
  • Check the electrical cords on a regular basis, for signs of wear & tear
  • In case you are utilising any power from the mains, ensure the lights are grounded
  • Keep the contact details of a reliable local electrician handy, and ensure you get these fixtures serviced regularly; this will help identify whether there are any faults or fixtures that don’t work; they can be fixed before the problem gets exaggerated
  • The outdoor lights should be positioned away from things that may ignite
  • The power cords should all be at a safe distance from the walkways or any other areas where they might result in a tripping hazard

For good quality outdoor lighting installations, call us at Electrician to the Rescue without delay. We provide emergency services  and provide solutions to commercial & residential properties. The number to call is -1800 893 218. Alternatively, contact us online. Check out our customer testimonials. Contact us with your requirements today, for the most reasonably priced services.

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