How to spot a rogue trader

Everyone is usually good at spotting something, whether it may be good deal in your local grocery store, or a dodgy vehicle at your closest car dealer- but when it comes to award winning electricians you have to be particularly observant, because the ones that you need to look out for are the rogue or unlicensed traders in the industry. Let’s face it, all electricians in Sydney need to be licensed and an electrical license is more than just a piece of paper – a license protects YOU by stopping unqualified people from practicing the trade and lets you know who is a professional and who isn’t.

Having an accredited electrical license is essential under NSW Fair Trading law. The license holds an electrician responsible for all work at residential, commercial and industrial properties, and guards off any possibilities of work conducted that may be of an illegal or incompetent nature. It is for this reason that not just *anyone* obtains a license. We’ve all heard about rouge trader’s leaving home owners with huge bills and shoddy jobs that leaves the homeowner and their family at risk. Common problems include poor wiring and fittings, lack of knowledge about compliance issues, and other setbacks which may occur as a result of faulty handling.

Remember, when it comes to electrical work only deal with electricians in Sydney who are fully licensed, just like Electrician To The Rescue. So how do you know the person coming to your home that is carry outing out the work is a licensed electrician?

  • They turn up in a work vehicle that doesn’t have any *advertising* on it
  • They provide an estimate on paper that doesn’t have any registered business name, ABN or license number
  • You ask to see their license but they don’t have it with them or make up an excuse why they don’t have it on them
  • They only accept cash – or say if you pay in cash then you’ll receive a discount
  • You can’t find a listing for them online or in the phone book
  • They work odd hours, only on weekends or after hours – evenings and nights
  • They can’t produce references or customer testimonials

At the end of the day you should NEVER hire a rogue trader/unlicensed electrician. Hiring one is just dangerous and could cost you your home or your life. The electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue are licensed and skilled technicians who pride themselves on a job well done. Call Electrician To The Rescue for any advice or jobs that need to be done, on 1800 893 218, or click here to book online!