How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bills (part 2)

Last week the Sydney electricians from Electrician To The Rescue shared some advice on how to save money on your electricity bill – today we continue with part 2.

In the laundry …..

  • Try and only use your washing machine when it is full of clothes, only use cold water and allow the clothes to be spun thoroughly.
  • Whenever possible line dry your clothes rather than using the clothes dryer, as with the washing machine dry clothes when you have full load, keep the lint filter clean and  Sydney electricians recommend not putting clothing in the dryer that is dripping wet

In the bathroom….

  • Use your water – especially hot water sensibly – try and limit showers to just 5 minutes, Electrician To The Rescue can install water saving shower heads to help reduce the amount of water and energy used. Try and set your hot water to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Switch off all appliances such as electric toothbrushes, radios and hairdryer off at the power point

Outside your home….

  • Use timers and sensor for watering and outdoor lighting
  • Have the Sydney electricians separate the lighting so you can choose which areas are lit up and when
  • Consider using solar powered lighting for areas of your garden and your yard.

Keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter….

  • Keep the doors to unused rooms closed when you are running your air conditioner or heating, why heat or cool a room no one is using. This also means the areas you do want cooled or heated will reach the desired feel sooner.
  • Rather than heating your bedroom, consider adding an extra blanket instead. Once in bed you won’t be bothered about the temperate of the room.
  • During summer keep outside window shades and curtains closed this stops the heat coming in and keeps our cool air inside. If you can keep a constant inside temperature your air conditioner won’t need to work so hard.
  • Never run your air conditioner when you are not home, don’t leave lights or heating/cooling running during the night when you are not there.
  • Clean your air conditioner regularly so it doesn’t need as much energy to run.

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