Today the Sydney electricians from Electrician To The Rescue would like to share some energy saving tips – these little simple reductions can help save you money every month on your electricity bills. While the savings might not seem like much – they do add up over the course of a year!

It’s so easy to make just a few simple changes….

In your lounge room

  • When not in use switch your appliances off at the wall – TV’s, stereos, DVD players, game consoles etc – even in stand-by mode they use power
  • Why not use a power board, this way when you switch off the power at the power point you can switch off multiple appliances at the same time.
  • Did you know lamps use less power than your overhead lights or spotlights, so if you only need a small amount of lighting – use lamps.
  • It goes without saying these days – always choose energy saving globes, if you haven’t already change your old light globes over to compact fluorescent ones.
  • Sydney electricians know when you are not in a room using the lighting – turn it off.

In your kitchen….

  • Keep lids on when cooking – your food will actually cook faster plus you will reduce the amount of energy being used to cook your food
  • Always use an electric kettle to boil water
  • Electrician To The Rescue suggests thawing your food out in the fridge – it reduces cooking time, and if you thaw food in your microwave you are using more energy than allowing food to thaw gradually. When using the oven try and avoid opening the door.
  • Only use your dishwasher when it is full – this helps you save on water usage and charges as well. Use the economy cycle setting for everyday dishwashing.
  • Keep your fridge and or freezers in cool and well ventilated spots – away from your oven and out of direct sunlight. Set your fridge to a temperature of 4-5 degrees and your freezer to between minus 18 and minus 13 degrees Celsius. Try and keep a gap of at least five centimeters around you fridge and freezer to allow air to circulate freely.

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