How to keep your home cool in Summer

Everyone at Electrician To The Rescue loves being outside during summer – but after a long day at work it’s nice to come home to a cool house. Unfortunately in summer our homes can feel even hotter than it is outside, if you find your home feels more like an oven the team at Electrician To The Rescue want to share some tips with you – how to keep your home cool in summer.

There are two ways you can keep your home cool – *Active cooling* which includes appliances that cool your home, and *Passive cooling* – what you can do to prevent the heat getting into your home.

ACTIVE COOLING  – the 2 most popular active cooling appliances are ceiling fans and air conditioning. The downside of course to running air conditioning is the price – it can cost a lot in electricity to run an air conditioner. One way to help reduce running costs is to buy the most energy efficient air conditioner you can. The electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue can help you choose the right unit for the area you want to cool.

You can help reduce your dependence on air conditioning by having the electricians in Sydney install ceiling fans. Ceiling fans use less electricity than air conditioning units and on some days may be all you need to help keep your home cool. You will need to hire trusted electricians in Sydney to install fans in your home.

PASSIVE COOLING – The best and cheapest way to keep your home cool in summer is by using *passive cooling* combined with active cooling. Passive cooling will keep the temperatures inside your home cooler and it requires just two things – shade and ventilation.

Shade protects your home from the sun and can come from awnings, trees, overhangs and anything that stops the sun’s rays from entering your home. Ventilation in needed to circulate fresh air through the house, this is achieved simply by opening windows on the opposites sides of the house to let cool fresh air in while pushing the hot air out.

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